Mindset 2.0

So I've been going to this peer support group for the last four weeks. Another meeting tomorrow. Mood group or depression school, whatever you may wish to call it, has been a massive help in getting me back on my feet and to try and get to the rhythm of student life. The most helpful thing is that I need to keep track of my thoughts and moods throughout the weeks and then reflect on them so I can explain the happenings of the week to the group. I can see for myself where I have problems, how I might be able to solve them and get support for the attempt from others in the group.

It's not like I'm a group person or anything. I'm rather shy and my social life is hardly the most active around. But with the group, there's this special bond that connects everyone there and gives out an atmosphere of trust that wouldn't otherwise be there.

Unfortunately, the group isn't a miracle cure for the general lack of energy and the loss of interest I'm suffering towards the car industry right now. In fact, as I write this, I'm sitting at home with the clock striking almost half past eight. That's half an hour from the start of my school day and school week.
I know my education hangs in the balance here and especially my graduation this year, but the mornings do get to me. At least I get my sorry ass to school, even if I am a bit late. And I get stuff done once I'm there. I trust the teachers can see that an take it as improvement to my previous absences, but who can really tell with those guys.

On a different note, went to grandma's yesterday. Surprisingly, spent a good deal of time arguing politics, which has often been a less vocal subject in the group of people that was there.
Should get around to visiting my brother and his expecting wife today, deliver a laptop and who knows - discuss politics? It wouldn't be surprising with the elections coming up so soon.

Anyway, just a quick update to celebrate the 4th of April. Student benefits hit the account today, so that's reason enough to celebrate, isn't it?