A personal project. A3-sized poster based on the Maltese Falcon BlueRay cover with one of the most iconic lines from the movie overlayed.

A practice project drawn from a publicly available phoenix vector design. Focus of the practice was the intricacies of the pen tool and addition of individual gradients.

Contact card design, commissioned by a friend of mine. This is the graphical representation of the card design. The final product had all the design elements and text as golden or red foil on black paper stock.

A personal project. A3-sized poster, created in Photoshop and finalized in Illustrator. I wanted to highlight only the brightest parts of Freddie’s outfit and face in a way which leaves his iconic outline but isn’t just another poster of him in his iconic pose.

A variation of the Freddie Mercury poster above. A more colourful background and a larger Freddie.

Personal project. A3-sized poster of a white tiger, based on an old drawing which has been faithfully recreated and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. A very simple and minimalistic design based in many ways on the tribal tattoo artstyle, which befits the striped tiger very well. It has also been printed as a sticker in both full body and with minor modifications to limit the image to only the head.

A personal poster project in A3. Based on the ouroboros symbolism of a snake eating it’s own tail, but with more of a dragon head design and a calligraphic brush used for the body. In addition to the ouroboros, the body also forms a closed quatrefoil pattern.

Personal project in A3 size, based on a picture taken of F1 driver Valtteri Bottas at the 2019 Australian GP, where he let out a particularly on-the-nose radio message upon achieving victory. I wanted to try and capture Bottas emerging from the shadows with a determined look. His message is barely visible in the background along with his logo.

Vector drawing of a Roman soldier. Designed for a stream overlay and notification pop-ups. Used on stream on the release day of the game Imperator: Rome.

An unused marketing poster design draft for the Turku Vocational Institute’s Amistalentti-talent show. With this design I wanted to capture, per client instructions, the feel of a stage show by having the background form the red curtains. The ship the event was held at stands in the middle in a simplified vector drawing of itself, with times and dates, along with the slogan and name of the event, above it. I wanted to capture the art deco style with light beams emerging from the deck of the ship as well as font choice and alignment of text.

Vector drawing of a hoplite in similar pose and style to the Roman soldier vector drawing. Also designed for and used on an Imperator: Rome stream.