Teo Kuusela is a Finnish-born author currently residing in Norway.

He was born in 1991 in Turku, Finland, to a pair of loving parents. Coming to love everything to do with computers and the internet, he began writing and roleplaying by post online in 2003, developing a knowledge of and growing love for the English language at the same time.

After an extra year of middle school - mainly to figure out what he wanted to do with his life - he entered vocational school to study car body repairs and painting, combined with the academic secondary school studies in a double-examination program. He dropped out after finishing two and a half years out of the three year school as the result of a particularly bad mental health situation at the time. Starting in the summer of 2011 he entered the Finnish Defence Forces, was trained as an NCO for an anti-armour missile system, entering the reserve after 12 months of service.

After his service, he spent a couple of years bouncing between Finland and Norway, spending time with his current fiancée. He finally moved to Norway in mid-2014 and began a serious attempt to settle himself down and begin a writing career with his fiancée's loving support.

You may know him best for the interactive novels Lords of Aswick and Best of Us.

In addition to his writing, Teo also was the first Dungeon Master for STD&D, a Dungeons & Dragons show over on The Seppola's channel. He also runs a roleplaying-focused Twitch channel called Banteroll.