Solbriller på

Ton indiffrence ne me touche pas
Je peux trs bien me passer de toi

Fresh like a spring chicken. I'm starting to get that feeling again. That feeling that maybe this life isn't as serious as it seems to sometimes be. I don't know what gives everyone the impression that I perhaps take life even a bit too seriously. Honestly speaking, I don't. The things I take seriously in life are the few good things there are; friends, family and relationships. And if one doesn't take these three seriously, then a good life is forfeit.

The meaning of this blog post wasn't to preach about the meaning of life though.
The meaning was to announce the comeback of Teo. The summer's coming in a very short while and I'm going to break this damn wall around myself before the summer heat gets here. It'll be hot inside if I don't.

Went on a 23 hour cruise on Thrusday. Came back on Friday night, so it seems I didn't die or drop off the side or get left in Stockholm.
Everything's coming up Milhouse! \o/

Have fun. Remember to switch off your lights or the world will explode.