Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction is an endless font of enjoyment and a passion despite a status as a niche product, despite bringing together elements of both traditional prose and games. Once upon a time we had books that you had to flip through, keeping a finger between pages to provide a checkpoint when you inevitably found a dead end, but in modern times we are capable of so much more.

Titles marked with (WIP) are works in progress, meaning unfinished or finished but unpublished IF-books. Many still have demos.


Best of Us

It's a dawn of a new age of superpowers. Grab a cape and stand with the first generation of heroes as they struggle to join society and beat back a conspiracy... or lay the foundation to become the first villain.


Diamant Rose

Diamonds are pouring out through the Iron Curtain, but somebody talked - your entire spy ring is either dead or disavowed. Everything ties back to what happened a decade prior in Africa, and you have to find out where it ends. The mission isn't over.


Lords of Aswick - The First of His Blood

Follow the life of a nobleman from childhood to death. Become swept up in the affairs of a medieval realm. How long can you put them off until you have to pick a side and (hopefully) live with the consequences?


Lords of Aswick - Voice of God   (WIP)

Continue to story of a noble family, which rose from humble beginnings and came to prominence within Norwall. The twin children of the Earl of Aswicdale are destined for greatness, both in their own ways - one shall become Earl, the other must find purpose and greatness within a church that is beginning to show signs of great turmoil.


The Golden Eagle   (WIP)

Cocardistes - Revolutionaries that bring democracy into a crumbling Empire, or Imperialists striving to return the Empire to glory? One way or another, they will usher in a new age.

L'Empereur est mort, vive l'Empereur