Haba na haba hujaza kibaba

It all starts with a single thought:

I have an urge to go. Just go.
No detailed plan, no ultimate destination, no life's baggage.
Just go, do, live, experience.

A thought can bring about a lot in a life. On a whim, a person can make a life's decision that turns the world upside down and inside out. Whether one can honour this thought is a different matter entirely.

I haven't had this urge to travel since late 2009. Mainly because afterwards, I have had nothing to travel for. Sure, I've wanted to go on short trips with my legs to carry me around or even on a bicycle, but due to varying reasons I haven't carried them out. But right now, there's an urge to just experience something new. Get out of the rat race of life.

I'm sure this all sounds tedious and boring. Whining about life and wishing to travel. Perhaps the first thing in your mind is that it's a phase everyone goes through. Maybe so, but that doesn't undermine the fact that it's something I feel is important to me right here and now. Putting aside the facts that I can't finance or take leave for a trip, it's still a thought that wraps itself around my brain and pushes itself to develop. It wants to materialize and take me with it to who knows where.

Canada. Canada looks like a nice place this time of year.
What is it with me and Canada anyway? Why would I want to go to a place that is colder than Finland when I could with the same amount of money go anywhere else in the world that would be more interesting, invigorating and exciting. There's just something that draws me to Canada. Maybe it's the shiny red and white flag.
On the same subject, if anyone has about 42,000€ spare cash, I could take it off your hands and finance an education in Trent University over in Ontario, Canada.