"When is X coming out?"

I have no dates to give you. I work with self-set deadlines and get distracted or bogged down quite frequently. I have at least five stories in my head at once and tend to have a need to get pieces of one out before I can get to another.


"What's interactive fiction?"

Imagine a book, or more aptly an e-book, where you can pick what path the story goes down. Instead of Alice jumping into the rabbit hole, she might turn around and go skip rocks because the reader picked that option. The term "Choose Your Own Adventure" is also often used for interactive fiction, but it happens to be a copyrighted term so I cannot refer to my works as that. Another term you might be familiar with is "Gamebook".


"What do I need to get past this point in gamebook X?"

I have a policy of refusing to give out exact paths, or stat numbers, on how to do anything in my interactive novels and gamebooks - unless they take on the form of an official strategy guide. If I were to begin answering questions, I would be answering the same questions for hundreds of times per gamebook. If you are stuck and cannot find an answer in the guides, there are very friendly people who have already solved your issue on the Choice of Games forums. You can find direct links to the official forum threads on the pages for any interactive work, as well as on the guides.


"Why don't you get a real job?"

I happen to quite like writing and other means of creative storytelling. It makes me happy, even during hazy inspired nights where I stay up until 5AM just to finish a scene I've been struggling with for weeks. It may not conform to your standards of "real job" but it's a passion.


"Which edition of D&D do you play?"

5th Edition, pretty much exclusively.


"What's your favourite tabletop RPG?"

At the moment, my experience is divided between 5E D&D and Stars Without Number. It's not enough experience with different systems to say that either of them is my absolute favourite tabletop RPG, because I might pick up a system at random and suddenly discover that it happens to be amazing. At the moment, I would still say 5E D&D.