Lords of Aswick

First of His Blood

In this interactive novel, follow the life of a nobleman from childhood to death. Become swept up in the affairs of a medieval realm. How long can you put them off until you have to pick a side and (hopefully) live with the consequences?

Lords of Aswick is a series of interactive novels set in a world much reminiscent of our own history. In the first title, First of His Blood, the reader gets to decide the path taken by the very first noble of their line as they maneuver, marry, fight and intrigue themselves to a position of power. The reader can gamble with their very life as they see the consequences of their actions, either rising into fame as they sit beside the throne, or infamy as they struggle in the desert of the Holy Lands, fighting a losing cause.

You can purchase this interactive novel and play it online over at Choice of Games, or purchase and download it to your favoured device on the Google App Store, iTunes, Amazon and the Chrome Web Store.



Voice of God


Voice of God is the much requested sequel to the story that began in First of His Blood. Generations have passed, Aswick has grown, the Faith is in turmoil as Kings are making moves to usurp power that once belonged to the Trinitarian church and the Holy Father.  In Aswick, twins are born to Earl Aswicdale, one destined to rule and one destined to take to the cloth.

The story is in a very early draft phase. Depending on the timeline taken by other projects, the story is expected to be finished late in 2017.