Achievement Guide

The following list contains more elaborate hints for all 19 achievements. The following list contains spoilers!


Filing Genius     -     Find the information in Sevastopol on the first try. It's always in the same drawer.

Ghost     -     Go through Sevastopol without being spotted once.

Soviet Strength   -     Get in a car during the Sevastopol escape and rush the checkpoint.

A Curious Mind     -     Go into Remi's room and search for him.

Better Safe Than Sorry     -     Leave Remi's hotel room as soon as possible.

Our Man in Bulgaria     -     Make contact with Arseny Speransky. A milestone achievement.

All Your Information Are Belong To Me     -     Strike a deal with Metaxas and get all of the information he has to offer.

Feel the Burn    -     Share classified operational information with Metaxas.

One-man SMERSH     -     Kill the Soviet agent sent after you.

Roman Holiday     -     Become intimate with Evony Lellouche.

Keep it Classy     -     Share a bed with Evony Lellouche, but refuse to do anything more.

Ruthless     -     Kill Evony Lellouche.

From France with Love     -     After the Baccarat game convince Evony to flee while she can - for your sake.

The Spy Who Loved Me     -     Share a bed with Brandon Ides.

Judo Chop!     -     Knock someone, anyone, out with a single blow.

Honour to the Service     -     Find all the information regarding the diamond smuggling ring and turn it in to the people who burned you.

Traitor to France     -     End the game as an unredeemed burned agent and a traitor to your country.

Agent Retraité     -    Accept Brandon Ides' opportunity and take up a new identity away from the spy game.

Full Circle    -    Accept Brandon Ides' opportunity, take on a new identity and join a new assignment in the Far East.