Best of Us

It's a dawn of a new age of superpowers. Grab a cape and stand with the first generation of heroes as they struggle to join society and beat back a conspiracy... or lay the foundation to become the first villain.

Best of Us is a gamebook focused on bringing the reader into a world where superpowers have just begun to crop up. Every move powered vigilantes and heroes make will be watched, scrutinized and judged by the public and everyone who has powers must make a concious decision whether they will help bring about an age of tolerance towards these gods walking among the major population, or whether they will help usher in a time of fear.

While these powered heroes struggle in the whirlpool of public opinion, a conspiracy is revealed. Block are falling into place, trying to take advantage of vigilantes and lawmakers alike.

Caught up in the middle of bigger players, you become the one to tilt the careful balance. What powers shall you wield? How will you shape the world?