August 2013

I think it's quite normal to look back on things you have written, said and done and think of how insecure and odd of a person you used to be. In this case some two years ago. I haven't been blogging since my trip to Norway way back in 2013. I honestly don't even recall the details of that trip, but I feel the emotions that were going on in my head at that time. Now, not so much. I've moved to Norway on a permanent basis, established a life here, put a ring on Trude's ring finger and agonized over the past year over her depression and eating disorder issues, only to come to trust her in a way I never thought I would trust anyone. Every day is better than the last and life is on the upswing once more.

Then that begs the question, why did I suddenly have the need to blog something? So far my blog has been full of sob stories and self-loathing. Well, no more! Well, not as much in any case. I think my urge comes from the fact that I have now become a nearly full-time storyteller.

Several times a week (when possible) I either play or run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign on the streaming service Twitch. That is a community that is growing and striving for great things, and in many ways (although I hate to think of it as such) a good business opportunity for myself as well. There's no harm to be had in getting your name out there, right?
I am also working on my second literary venture. If you have happened upon an icon with a roughly drawn medieval-style knight on a yellow parchment-ish background with the title "Lords of Aswick" written somewhere in the vicinity, then you may have happened upon my first commercially published story. While a sequel for that will be coming at some point, right now I will work on a somewhat lighter project that is nonetheless in the same vein. With hopes that this will carry me to at least some semblance of success. Putting effort into this is keeping me sane and keeping (for the moment) a boring dayjob at bay.

Perhaps that will give me some time to get back into spewing my brainfarts on the internet as well.