Don't Call It a Comeback, I've been Here For Years

Well hello there. Long time.

Yes, the activity will start picking up as of this post. I have three days left in my military service. As much as I promised and hoped at the start of the year-long service that I would keep my activity up, other engagements often came up during the time I spent on-leave that I couldn't regularly update.

So the cliff-notes of what's happening with me.
On friday entering reserve as an alikersantti (undersergeant/corporal).
I have a car project I need to finish, which will net me some money to survive the next couple of months. Also semi-actively looking out for security jobs for gigs and events in and around Turku during the summer.
I will be entering my old vocational school on the 20th of August to finish up my studies there. It will be in the form of a single car project, after which I will get my degree for vocational studies and matriculation papers.

Depending on how long that will take, I may be out of anything to do for quite some time. Six months or over. I will seek to get into university when I get my papers and start looking more actively for a new place to live. As much as I love my home right now, it's about time I started moving on from there. Flew the coop so to speak.
My parents are also looking at a new place to rent as a second home right now, so they have a place where mom'll be more comfortable and it'll be easier for her to be and live. Their plan is to keep our old house as a second home for summers and so long with me as a subtenant. I don't know if I''ll fly with that. I hate the feeling that I'm leaving them in trouble if I leave, but I also hate that their plan came about without talking with me first and without any consideration to how I have planned my near future. they probably expect everything to return to the way it was before I entered military service, but it just won't. I'm a different man now, in many aspects.