The Artist

You've just stumbled upon the third page in my blog, which will include a lot of the art that I do. Mainly black and white pencil art because that comes naturally to me but sometimes airbrush work and colour pen and ink works. Ink is a new medium for me and will take some time before I get the idea of it, although I've owned the set for some years now. I'll make an effort to try and increase my production in the near future.

Comments are very welcome and supportive critique is also awesome.

Meet Baphomet. He's a pretty cool guy. Not as a person, but as an inspiration for a drawing.

The fourth ever rose I've drawn. An experiment in shadowing technique and dedicated to the peer support group.

A possible tattoo idea I had. Didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but the best phoenix I've drawn to date. Slight plagiarism of the cover art for Deep Purple's Phoenix Rising record.

This and the next picture were drawn back in the day for my then-special someone. She asked for a coloured version, which is below.

Friend was thinking of a tattoo and asked me to draw him a tiger tattoo. I refused, still drew this some days later. He eventually never went through with the tattoo.

The Honda CBR 125cc of a friend. Asked me to paint some flames and an eagle. My first proper airbrush work on a vehicle. The lacquer finish wasn't the best in the world.