Off To Serve

This is an automated message from the desk of one Teo Kuusela.

As I write this, there's still one more morning to sleep before I enter the military service. I've got the essentials packed that I might need. Basic hygiene supplies, some good old tyrkisk peber, matches, playing cards, equipment to clean my eyeglasses, shaving equipment, phone charger and two books; The Nation and The Foundation, and last but not least the order to step into service.
It's all packed and ready to go.

Although I will be gone for only a relatively short time. 180 days, hopefully 362. With leave on most weekends, I will get the chance to update and talk with most of who might want to talk to me. Whether or not I'll update this blog is up to my whims on any particular afternoon or evening. Some news may seep through, but don't expect much; after all it's mostly government business which should not be spread about.

At this point I don't know how much, if at all, the military life will change me. That will be seen when I come back. Be at ease though, my fluffy hair will grow back eventually ;P

At this point, I bid thee adieu. See you on the other side.

Osaa ihmisistä näen omaisten vierailupäivänä ja mahdollisesti muilla lomilla. Kummilasta varten tarvitseekin hakea erillistä lomaa sitten elokuussa, mutta se on aiheellista sitten myöhemmin.

Til min kjære, jeg håper vi kan holde kontakten videre.