Happenings Galore

Thoughts... Yeah, I don't have many at the moment. I pretty much spent all my brain juices in the first Finnish matriculation exam and then the history test. I think the history went quite well but I have no idea about the matriculation. I've been wondering if I could've done something better but I have absolutely nothing I can think of which could be rewritten or improved. I did my best and now I'll just have to wait anxiously for the points. Those should appear somewhere sometime this spring.

... not that this looks anything like spring with -20 Celsius and absolutely freezing cold wind.

The matriculation exam dates:
15.2. A-level English Listening Comprehension
14.3. Finnish Essay
16.3. History
18.3. A-level English Reading Comprehension
23.3. Math
If anyone has sources from which to look up points when they come up, my number is 141. Not that I want you stalking my points, but it tends to happen nonetheless.

My schedule is pretty hectic otherwise as well. The depression I've been going through has now become a matter in which the school doctor is involved in. Of course the solution from her is to pump me up with drugs and thus postpone my military service for two years. Sorry but no. I'll take the risk of turning out Gomer Pyle and just go in this summer.
I don't like the name Lawrence! Only faggots and sailors are called Lawrence. From now on you're Gomer Pyle!
The lack of motivation and effort is quite limited to only the shop classes anyways. I'll live with it and talk to the psychologist on a regular basis to keep the old noggin clear of gunk. After some talking the doc agreed that maybe the change in scenery that the military provides is exactly what I need as well, so no rush with that medication.

What was I writing about? Right, schedule. I'm getting a blood test 8.40 sharp on Monday, since the doc wants to make sure it's nothing physiological causing this. Then on Tuesday I have the English listening comprehension. Wednesday I'm supposed to have a meeting with the psychologist and I also have to check in with my teacher and the school counselor to make sure on how much I actually still have to go until I'm ready for graduation. By what I heard from the counselor, not much with all the extra stuff I've done over the years as tutor and such. That's a massive relief. Not much longer to go then.
On Thursday - Penkkarit! Woo, finally. (Around twelve o'clock for those who plan to come see us drive on the back of the lorries)
On Sunday evening I'm leaving on a cruise with the class. Silja Europa, Turku-Stockholm-Turku cruise in honour of us being abitur. The next week from that is a holiday week so I can relax and lay back.

Hectic week ahead. Glad I've written those down for myself. Otherwise I'd be lost with all that's happening.