Well Played

Pessimism sucks ass, yet I'm once again stuck at the narrowest point of a funnel through which it's being poured. The situation is as follows. We moved to this new place in early August, dad being a constant pessimist over the entire thing although he slowly started to feel more comfortable here. Not like it was his home, but more comfortable. Now the paperwork clanks through our mailslot, saying that the rent is being raised at the start of next year. Our income is raised by ten euros, the rent going up five times as much. We can't afford. Needless to say, this started a spiral in the household. From first looking at a new place with the same kind of amenities (of which there actually is one that's much cheaper and larger than this apartment, but for some reason or another that's not even being discussed) to the decision that we're moving back to the old Pikisaari house despite the fact that there were pretty simple and straightforward reasons for moving out of there. One of them being that they'd cut dad's pay for taking care of mom, making it impossible to stay there as well. The way I see it, there are two options and one of them I'm not even going to say out aloud because of what would ensue after I said it. Either we drop the house in Pikisaari, saving the several hundred euros a month from renting the place, or we find a new cheaper flat. Going back to living full-time in Pikisaari isn't really an option, since that will get the local authorities on our backs again because mom doesn't have the amenities that they want her to have. For me it's a lesser issue really, although bearing down heavily right now. I'm more concerned right now with getting a job for next year. Something that could support me getting my own apartment in the near future. What I discovered from about a month or so of living mainly by myself in this new flat is that I'm actually independent enough to do it. I just need the cash to do it with. If I had the money right now, I would have a couple of choices that I actually quite like. Unfortunately, I don't. So there we go.