Ides of ...July?

Alright, so with the coming of the last week of civilian lifestyle, I believe it's time to recap on events (or lack thereof) from the past month or so.

Guess I should first start by apologizing that my life is as easy as it sometimes sounds. I manage to scrounge up money for what I need - and I don't need much due to living still with my folks - I have a lack of relationship issues at the moment and there are no losses in the close relative circle of people in the recent future. Nothing new in that front.
That's a quick shout-out to anyone from the peer support group who were complaining I had it easy when we met yesterday. And seriously girls, as quiet as I may have seemed, nothing is or was bothering me.

Right now my mind is very much preoccupied with the upcoming military service. Six mornings left and counting. I'm not nervous, but very anxious. I don't really know what I should do with the days I have left and on the other hand I feel like I'm trying to rush as much activity into these few days I have left to do all sorts of things, much of which I probably won't end up doing.
I guess it's borderline fortunate that I won't be attending Ruisrock this year either. Leaves me three more days to accomplish... something or another.
Dad keeps telling me I'm nervous and that he can see it from my face. I doubt it. I think he's much much more nervous than I am or than he's letting on. I don't blame him, methinks it would be tough to see the last of boys finally go as well.

On a side note of this, I was counting some time ago about how much money the military would pay me if I get to stay the twelve months. Very roughly, it's about 2600€ if all the money is saved up from that time. That means no visits to the cafeteria to sink the money into coffee, pastries and whatnot else. Strict money spending measures have to be upheld. And I'm hoping that if I get to stay the 12 months, it might very well be the first step of me removing myself from home. A group of friends are gathering an airsoft group which I'm also planning to be a part of as soon as I get home. So that means a portion of the money saved will be spent on equipment for that. By my estimates, it would take less than a grand to get that off the ground. That leaves a good amount of money as a nest egg for getting my own place. Not perhaps enough to put much in it, but certainly enough for a few months of rent and bills.
I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, but that's a certain possibility that I've been turning around in my head.

On the family side, I spent some time with my grandma, aunt and brother (as well as nephew Leevi) at the medieval fair last Saturday. It was nice, although I'm wishing I could get to see my older nephew Joona still before I go. I guess it doesn't matter much, since the first vacation I get will probably be in a couple of weeks after entering the service, but it would still be nice.
Nephews give me a nice segue to get to my second eldest brother, who with my sister-in-law have in their wisdom made the call that I should be their yet-to-be-born child's godfather. Well, "godfather" since it won't be a religious thing and with the English term the clue seems to be very much in the title. I - of course- went and agreed, although taken aback by the pleasant surprise. I have yet to figure out why I would be suitable, but I guess it's one of those things that trying to reason it to yourself is somewhat silly even so far as attempts go.

This very same couple has had me labouring away recently as well. Although the original plan was to remodel the living room and study into a living room/study and child's room, respectively, before I left for the military, this plan has no way of going through anymore. Too few days to finish the study renovation. Not that I'm complaining. Just that I'm quite fed up with IKEA furniture and I'd much rather go to greener pastures to take apart and meticulously clean the inside mechanisms of an Rk 62.

As an ending thought, as one who has recently started watching BBC channels, I cannot fathom what the interest is to tennis. At the worst of times, there was not one BBC channels that did not air something about Wimbledon.
To paraphrase the late great Obelix the Gaul; "These Brits are crazy!"