Over the last six months, I've presented a lot of views and opinions in this blog. I've opened up on a lot of things, ranging from family to relationships to music to politics. I could always continue on this course and concentrate to open about about my personal life ad nauseam, or I could switch to more serious topics nobody truly cares about. So far I haven't made a decision to inch towards either option, but as of the 11th of next month, the decision will be made pretty much for me. As of that date, my personal life will effectively cease to exist in any form I might open up about. What I will do, go through, experience, like, hate, hear and see will be between me and the Finnish Defence Forces. And what I do on leaves might be even more than a bit boring unless I manage to stuff something more permanent into my life in these last 26 days.

In any case, I believe my point in starting this particular blog post was to say that I have and probably will continue to go by instinct as to what I'm going to write here. Everything I've written down or linked to in this blog has been very much spur of the moment things and everything reflects the view of life I have at that moment in time. So far I don't regret any post in here, each have served a purpose and will be there until time immemorial to record what kind of a douche I might have been in any one month.
Everyone needs to have an option for an occasional reality check.

Actually, now that I think about it, these six last months have marked much more changes, experiences and new friendships than any other half-a-year so far. Either this is a sign that my life's been quite void of actual life before this year, or it means I'm more comfortable in leaving my comfort zone. Either way, this has so far been a good year for me. With the military approaching, it might very well just get better and better.


I'll be sure to figure out a proper topic soon. Quasi-status updates are hardly the standard I've been trying to build up.