You know what the benefits of living in this remote little bit of Pikisaari is?
Aside from never having to care about trick-or-treaters, Jehovah's witnesses and door-to-door salesmen...

You can start off the day by trekking maybe 150 meters and then going for a swim at a nice little beach that's hardly ever occupied at the same time as you're going there. Forest all around, a nice sandy bottom under the water... If only the water was a bit more warm.
The only downside is that the water's not exactly clear and the shipping lane goes right by it. But that's what they call a reasonable compromise, amirite?

P.S. I have a new e-mail for those who're interested. I'll keep using the hotmail one as well, but you can also approach me with this:

P.P.S. 29 mornings left!