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It's a curious thing; growing up.

I spent yesterday with my two nephews and my youngest (elder) brother. As we were watching Formula 1 with my brother and little Leevi was going about playing and doing whatnot, Joona (the nine year old) was playing Habbo Hotel. I realize I must have sounded exactly like my father when I started talking about how Habbo Hotel was back in 2004, how I used to play a lot of it (Don't judge me, I'm absolutely 100% sure you did it too!) and even went as far as turning into a stereotypical nostalgic asswipe about how they've ruined the place. As he was playing the fancy looking Habbo Hotel, I realized that I have absolutely no understanding of the modern second grader. My brothers are a previous generation from me, so I now understand how lost they must have become at one point or another about me. Especially when I started with the computers and internet, which were never part of their childhoods in that sort of fashion.

Apart from the rush of nostalgia for things six years in the past, I also got a sense of how time has flown by. To me, it's a slow crawl for most of the time, but looking at my nephew I have no real sense of when he became that darned nine-year-old. When did he get so big and how can he stay so darned hyperactive throughout the day? The real shock came when Leevi, the year-old nephew, took me by the hand and started dragging me off to play with him. Joona was almost constantly there through his early childhood, so I got to bond with him real fast and that bond's still close I think. But Leevi utterly surprised me. It was only a while ago that he cowered into his dad's arms for reassurance because he had no idea who I was.

The third part of this realization about the time ticking past was me and my brother playing hockey on the PS2 together. We're just as jovially competitive as always and we always take the cheap shots at each others when we get the chance. It's the fun we've had together since my childhood. I just saw a home video where he was actually taking cheap shots at me trying to blow the candles from the cake on my fourth or fifth birthday. When I got too heavy and big for him to lug around and swing upside down from my feet, then all we have is that brotherly banter. Not that it's any less common with my other brothers, but this one is probably the one who I can joke around with more freely than with the others.

It'd be great to know that bonds like that won't break or deteriorate during the course of whatever that comes up in the future.

P.S. Ms. "Update more frequently", I didn't catch your name and I right now can't bother to ask Helinä for it, this is a special two-for-one day. Just for you :P