East in the Middle (and not much else)

Tunisia, Egypt.
Libya, Iran, China.

I believe everyone is familiar with the aforementioned nations and why they have been in the news in recent months. A sudden surge of democratic movements in North Africa. Commendable, but that's how these people got to be on their seats in the first place. Africa and Middle East have been established on these sorts of revolts and it's just another revolution of a vicious cycle of oppression.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble of optimism, but the problem in these countries runs far deeper than just one government or a head of state. Corruption is high, tribal rivalries and religious intolerance drives several groups into possible conflict and there are always people who will grab power if they see a good time and place to do so.
Tunisia, the hailed starting point of this massive call for democracy, is still in turmoil and the revolt will continue all the way to the new elections. You don't see that in the news anymore, do you?
Egypt, the military is in charge and has begun to beat down protesters if they stray off their designated areas. There was brief mention in the news, but all hail the democracy this temporary military junta will bring!
In Libya, the armed forces are in full combat readiness and resort to bombing cities to keep Gaddafi in power. This is the current headlines, but has started to disappear a bit since it's just not too exciting enough.
Iran, the student protests were crushed immediately.
China, the student protests were crushed immediately and reporters are threatened with deportation if they make news about protests.
Iraqis would be protesting were they not sick and tired in the aftermath of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The truth is that the world is not a nice place and it's not a fair place. What revolts create, revolts take away. Life goes on even without progress.
It may be historic, it may be amazing. But I doubt it will last. Middle East and Africa are not stable enough to uphold well working democracies.
Ironically, the "democracies" that come out of these revolts will still probably have more fairly elected representatives than the United States Congress or the Finnish Parliament.