So far this blog is proving a major hit. Not perhaps on the viewer level, but it's proving an excellent outlet for everything that's pent up in me.
46% Linux users, 57% Windows. 85% Firefox, 14% Chrome. So far the traffic comes from the US (tsk tsk fellers, I can see you) and Finland.
Oddly, the only comments that have so far been given is that the opening entry was on the rather gloomy/macabre side and that I'm writing English better than is expected of me. I take those as compliments. Cheers bros.

Aside from the fact that I'm writing these entries like mad, I also visited the University of Turku on Tuesday. Sat through the lectures about the humanist, educational and social sciences faculties. If I am indeed graduating in time from the Turku Vocational Institute, I now know several majors I might choose from for a Bachelor's. I may be jumping a bit ahead of myself, but who the hell cares. I'm sorta-kinda moving towards a direction in my life that I might actually enjoy.

The options are history, cultural history or political history. See a pattern? Good, because there is one. Yes, with any luck in four to five years from now I'll be ready to get my hands into teaching young rascals some history. Seems like such a great idea in itself, but first I need to get out of this vocational school with some papers proving my graduation.

I was actually just thinking about sending an e-mail to the school shrink. Maybe see if I can make an appointment and talk stuff through with him. See if I can get any of that motivation back. I doubt it though. I just want out. I'm more than fed up.

It's amusing how I was recruited into speaking about the double examination program (going through vocational and upper secondary at the same time) by my Finnish teacher. I'm supposed to go to the TAIstep event next Tuesday with one other guy and assure everyone everything will be great if they choose the same "hardships" we did.
It still hasn't gotten hard or particularly exhausting to tackle the two educations at the same time. The only problem is motivation and interest towards the vocational portion.

That reminds me. I need to finish my Finnish essay for tomorrow. Oh well. Better get cracking.

Also worthy of noting, I've had the phrase "Dum spiro spero" turning abouts in my head for the entire day. Omen? Methinks not. I'll get around to scrutinizing religion and beliefs I hold silly in my next entry.