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Since it seems my blog has been getting a far wider audience than I expected, I suppose it's better to put up some of the more essential information of myself here. Who I am, where I'm from, where I'm heading in life and so forth.

My name is Teo Kuusela, I was born in Turku, Finland back in 1991 and have lived in the very same place since.
I still live with my parents and with the family dog. I have three brothers, each and every one of them older than me, the youngest by a mere eleven years.

As far as my education has gone, I went through elementary in Särkilahden ala-aste and middle school in Turun Klassikon yläaste as an average student, went on tenth grade over in Topeliuksen Koulu to raise my grades and then decided to head off to Turun Ammatti-Instituutti for vocational education as well as high school education in the double examination program.

I'm hoping the future will see me jump at the chance of enrolling in a foreign university as a history major, but I'll settle for Turku University. My ultimate goal is to somewhere in the future teach history in a school on either a high school or elementary level.
First though, I need to go into military service. I finally enter service in July 2011 and hopefully I get to be a full year.

I'm horrible in Swedish, have forgotten most of my Latin and can't pronounce English to save my life. It all gets rusty when you never use the language. Despite this, English and Finnish are my most used and favoured languages, in that descending order.

My hobbies include writing (as one can see. Perhaps some day I'll include something fictional here) and through that roleplaying as well as collaborative writing. I sketch, I draw, I airbrush. I motorcycle (mainly to lounge, not for speed or tricks) and especially like to bicycle around during those hot summer days. I listen to all sorts of music, but reggae and heavy metal are the ones closest to my heart.

Politically I align with the left. I have done so since before middle school and I see no change to this in the near future. Of the Finnish parties, perhaps Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance) is the best choice for me.
Religiously, I call myself an atheist. I'm a very liberal soft atheist. For me the term means that I don't believe, but I don't have to care if you believe or not. You have every right to. However, I'm also antireligion and think that a corrupt central church hierarchy should be dismantled and forgotten. So in my mind, you can have your god(s) and worship them if you wish, as long as it doesn't limit or harm the society around you, which is what a centralized church would do on the long run.

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