A Little Book in Thimbleweed

So, Thimbleweed Park is out, and it is an amazing point-and-click adventure game that anyone who was a fan of the old Lucasarts style of games should pick up. If for nothing else than an easter egg for all of you who might be going through the grand library in Mansion mansion. In fact, if you happen to peer really hard at the 1.6 section, you might find a little story called "Serpentstones of Essick" by some strange author named Teo Kuusela.

For those who aren't willing to go through a whole adventure game just to read what I wrote, here's the original text that I submitted to their open roll-call for books.


Serpentstones of Essick

"You have fallen into my devious trap!" the frail looking man cackles. "There is no escape from certain doom now!"

He hops from one foot to the other, the dust between his sandal and the balcony floor crunching. You glance down at your body covered in full chainmail, and grip your shield and sword, when suddenly the old man hacks and coughs, pausing to bow and place his head between his legs to help take in deep raspy breaths.

"Whooee," he wheezes and takes another struggling breath. "You have not a clue as to how much trouble you are in!"

You watch as the frail Grand Mage Bringledin wheezes and puffs, then glance at the large mummified serpent curled in the middle of the floor. While being trapped in a pit with a giant snake seems quite the formidable task, it appears that the trap is well past its use-by date.

If you wish to climb up to the old man's balcony, turn to page 68.
If you wish to rummage through the mummified snake for treasure, turn to page 92.
If you wish to try and open the door, turn to page 65.