The Child Who Loves Freedom

So, Gaddafi is dead and the world is saved. The US senate has finally decided that the war in Iraq is over and the troops are to be pulled out. We're safe now from everything.

Oh right, theres still a riot going on in New York. Except that Occupy Wall Street isn't a riot, no matter how much the media pushes false information down our throats about the movement. Media and corporate suits fear the movement, since it has no clear leader and no real demands. And that's why they're so dangerous to American capitalists; they protest because they know things aren't like they should be and they have the moral high ground as well. It's a rainbow group that's determined to change things. They want to get rid of the corruption and build from that. Quite frankly, I'm all for that. If I wasn't tied down in the army greens, I'd be out there supporting the Occupy movements.