All Things Must Come To An End

I believe this to be my final weekend before I leave school.
Not because the summer vacation would hit early this year, but rather due to the general lack of interest and energy I have for the finishing of the last few projects. The projects in the garage and the many many extra hours of work I will need to go through before graduation does nothing to motivate me at the moment. It just doesn't feel important.

My future is clear. I know what I will do when I grow up and I know how I should strive for the goal of becoming a history teacher. However, at this point in time this path has stalled. I have an appointment with the guidance councillor of our school on Tuesday, which is when we'll discuss what I have that needs to be finished before I can graduate from there and then we will look at the paperwork that's required for me to quit school. I'm not sure what I will do after I get out of the military, but I have two clear options for graduation: go to night school and get a high school degree or come back to vocational. Vocational is easier and perhaps all I need is a break from it all to reclaim my interest to the job. We'll see. Maybe military will claim me, who knows.

So far I've told few in my family about this decision, mainly due to the shock and disappointment that I have to deal with in the aftermath. This decision is a delay at best, not the end of the world. Unfortunately my family isn't always the most patient or supportive of decisions made. Graduation may be close, but everything crashing down on me in the last few months, and not in small part due to double examination being on top of important vocational studies, is too much for me to handle. I don't need a deadline, I need time to do and finish and learn.
I'll probably go around and visit my good brethren to break the news and answer questions face-to-face at some point next week or the week after that. I guess they deserve as much as an explanation as to why I'm doing this.

I will confirm from the guidance councillor that I'm still eligible to take part in the peer support group (since that's a school thing). After that's done with, I'll need to check with the employment office and KELA to shut down my student benefits and go under welfare. It'll certainly be something different, but this and the looming military training will both guide me towards the direction I wish to go.
I'm certain of it.

P.S. A sudden and unexpected surge of 16 views from Norway in the last 24 hours. Welcome to you as well, Kittens, although I sense a hint of boredom behind it :P