The Runner's Shadow

The Runner’s Shadow was my very first attempt at writing something meant for publication, and took the form of a gamebook. It was to be a lofty project, with four narratives and vast vertical slices of a cyberpunk world, and a study on the relation between governments and corporations. Due to the scale involved, I was quick to put the project aside for a while so I could give it some thought and remodel it, but the more I thought about it the more I understood that I would not be able to scale the world into interactive fiction the way I wanted it to. Four simultaneous narratives with branching events was simply far too much for me to manage.

Now, two years later, I have one gamebook out on the market and another coming out soon. I understand both literature and interactive fiction much better than I did when I first began shaping The Runner’s Shadow, and the solution appears clear. The story is worth telling, I think, and I wish to tell it to an audience willing to listen. Removing the interactivity, I am left with a core that I can make work, and that core is what I propose to you here and now: The Runner’s Shadow, the story of three people form vastly different kinds of life in one cyberpunk world, chasing down a flood of invaluable information contained within the brain of a single person.

Here’s where you come in - the project is on inkshares!

Do you find this project interesting, the premise something you might enjoy, and my writing something that you would like to read? Then follow my draft, tell your friends, show me and inkshares that there is interest in this, give me feedback, and ask me questions!